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Jac Vapour Coupons & Discount Promo Codes

Jac Vapour brings to you a wonderful variety of electronic cigarettes to your doorstep. The UK owned company keeps it firmly in their mind that their customers may very well be new and relatively unaware of what the product is and how to use it for maximum efficiency. There are kits available both for beginners as well as advanced users where the Jac Vapour comes in a variety of interchangeable cartridge flavours, battery sizes and nicotine strengths.

For new users they have 3 products:-
1.       Cig-a-Like Starter Kit (£39.99, FREE DELIVERY on UK orders over £50)
This kit is easy to carry and use because it comes with a Portable Charging Case (PCC) along with a USB charger so anytime your kit is running low on batteries; you can actually charge it on the go. It has 5 flavours inclusive of Tobacco, Tobacco Virgin, Menthol, Vanilla, and Cherry, making it the  perfect introduction to vaping for all the newbies.

2.       Vapouriser Starter Kit (From: £37.99 To: £43.18, FREE DELIVERY on UK orders over £50)
In comparison to Cig-a-Like; this kit is more likely to last longer as it comes with a compact refillable tank device which can be filled with JAC Vapour e-liquid. It comes with only Tobacco and Menthol flavours along with 2 batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 Replacement Dual Coil Wick and a Faux Leather Case for all that cool experience.

3.       Latest Technology Starter Kit (From: £59.99 To: £65.18, FREE DELIVERY on UK orders over £50)
This kit provides you with the latest innovation in the e-cigarette world while ensuring that the kit remains both user friendly as well as technologically advance. The kit allows the user to fluctuate between medium to maximum power depending on the user’s vaping preference. With a refillable tank and USB charger; you can enjoy a variety of flavours in Pure Menthol, Real Tobacco Lite, Raspberry, Toffee or Banana Milkshake.

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For smokers who intend to switch to electronic cigarettes; Jac Vapour has 5 starter kits
1.       Series-B Tilt Device Only (52.99)
Series-B Tilt is a vaping device, with a USB charging lead and batteries but it is not supplied with a tank. You will have to purchase a Series-B Tilt Premium Tank Kit to go with this device. The device offers a 1 year warranty and supports on-board electrical charging.

2.       Series-B Tilt Premium Tank Kit
This kit is a combination of the device, a USB charging lead and manual. Options are also available below to select an IMR 18650 battery, premium tank, e-liquid and external e-cig battery charger.

3.       Series-B Tilt RTA Advanced Kit and Series-B Tilt Sub Ohm Tank Kit
These two kits are slightly more advance with the same basic functionality as the Series-B Tilt Premium.

Lastly, Jac Vapour has Advanced kits which are powered  include:-
1.       Smok Xpro Kits (Variable Wattage box mod)
2.       Smok Magneto Kits (Mechanical tube mod)
3.       Smok Prospect Kits (Mechanical Pipe mod)
4.       Smok Guardian 2 Kits (Variable Wattage pipe mod, which looks like a traditional pipe)

1.       Real cigarettes have tar in them and cause all sorts of health disorders while electronic cigarettes use vapour technology which is safer in comparison
2.       Electronic cigarettes can be used as an alternative method to quit smoking
3.       Electronic cigarettes do not turn your teeth yellow
4.       E-Cigarettes are odour free
5.       They are lighter on your pocket
6.        Since you do not have to ‘light’ an electronic cigarette therefore it is not a potential fire hazard

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How it works?
Jac Vapour consists of 3 main parts which include batteries, a tank which holds the e-liquid and an atomizer. When an e-cigarette is smoked the technology behind it is simple, the e-liquid in it is taken up to the boiling point which in turn creates the vapours, which are then inhaled by the user. Unlike cigarettes, vaping upon Jac Vapour will not leave your non smoking friends in a cloud of smoke. You will simply be creating vapours which disappear quickly. Plus any time you run out of charging you can simply connect your Jac Vapour to your laptop through the USB charger.

Is there any side effects,
The Food and Drug Administration have not given a verdict on e-cigarettes because the contents are not regulated. While e-cigarette may not be real smoking, you are still utilizing it for the same purpose so one cannot say that an e-cigarette is like breathing air because it isn’t. Until the verdict is out, for now at least it is a better alternate to smoking real cigarettes and cigars.

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